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Best Home Stagers in Sacramento and Roseville, CA

Home Staging Sacramento is a real estate company majored in home staging. We believe that homes are works of art, each individually crafted and should be presented as such. This is why we work on each assignment as if it is our first and last.

In order to achieve this perfectly, we have in our employ a team of the best home staging minds available. We hire each individual for their individual skills and then put them all together to create the ingenious blend that makes us the home staging California legends that we are.

This cocktail of talents works to ensure that all that can be achieved from any home is, indeed, achieved, and is done so in the most creative way. How do they achieve this? Well, it takes team effort.

The first step starts when the entire crew walks into the house to be staged for sale. They then split up, each team targeting its own forte:

  • The design crew has to go through each room to look at all the angles, the lighting, the spaces present, the general architecture of the house and so on
  • The photography crew walks through, lens on eye, taking detailed photographs of all that is relevant. This will work to create the graphic layout of the entire plan, from which the final design will be derived.
  • The painters are close in tow, also checking out lighting to discover which hues would work best for which rooms. They can then create a layout of suggestions that will be agreed upon once the entire crew sits down together again.
  • In case the team notices any gaps, they then call in the repair crew together with the handymen and the electricians. This is so they can give their professional opinion on how best to deal with the repairs needed. This crew then takes their eyes onto the front porch and yard to ensure that once the design is put into place, these areas are in sync with it.

Our client is the main part of our team. No idea is taken up unless you agree and sign off on it. Much as we are looking to ensure that your house is sold at its best price, we also want you to be sold out to every idea we sell. We also want you to feel as part of the victory once the house sells.

staging your home to sell

Home staging right takes time and effort. These are qualities that we, at home staging Sacramento, invest in plenty to every project. This is what has placed us above other homes staging companies in California; the fact that we put our heart into every single project we undertake. We love homes, and we ensure that each one that we work in exudes the same level of heart. So when you decide to sell your home, please visit our site and get hooked up with a great package that is bound to fit your need. We promise to over deliver! If you would like to learn more about our services and business, visit contact us page.