Occupied Home Staging

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Selling your house before moving out? ​Occupied staging is the best solution!

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Let us introduce you to a concept that we know is foreign to many. Do you know that you can still have your house staged while you are still living in it? Yes, with all your stuff still in it. How? Let us walk you through this.

You see, when you go to a house opening, there are areas of the house that you really pay attention to. There are very specific rooms that you feel you have to get a feel of before deciding on the sale. This is what we maximize on even as we dawdle over the other rooms.

We come in with our home staging crew, and look over each room for redesign staging. Of course, there are rooms that cannot be eliminated from the home staging process and as such must be fixed and staged. It is these other rooms, like the extra bedrooms, the stores and so on that we need to choose.

We go for the prime ones and maximize on these. We, however, stick to neutral colors that allow the potential buyers to somewhat paint over in their heads, to create their own home. We then come up with design that best for each room and work with these.

The best part about this is that you do not have to pull everything out of the house while we do this. We can actually use some of your belongings to do the home staging. What we avoid is the overly personal things that exude family or you. These include things like trophies, family portraits and family heirlooms.

Does this concept work for you? Contact Home Staging Sacramento and let’s get started!