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Nothing feels better than walking into your home the very first time. There is a sense of satisfaction that fills you up, that gives a beautiful high. This is what we try to achieve with each vacant home staging that we undertake.

Vacant home staging defines a process where an empty house is given life. This is done by bringing in furniture, arts, carpets and rugs and all else that is normally found in a home. In the case where the house is newly built, we also include painting the walls as part of the package, even though in most cases, whether the house is new or not, we still need to give it a fresh coat of paint.

The idea behind vacant home staging Sacramento is to give the house a feel of home. The best way to sell someone something is to show them why they need it, and how it would improve their lives. When it comes to homes, you need to show them how it would feel to live in the house. We achieve this by vacant & occupied staging and staging it just right.

At Home Staging Sacramento, CA, our strategy is set around reaching the biggest demographic of buyers. We, therefore, choose colors and designs that appeal to the majority. As such, we steer clear of bold colors, boldly designed furniture and works of art. As we do this, we do focus on the strengths of the house and highlight them best we can. At the end of the process, we present a picture perfect home ready for sale.